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From 2016 - 2017:

Grace VPK has been such a blessing to our family! Our son has had such a great year and loves "school" thanks to the incredible teachers and staff at Grace. We have seen so much growth in him academically, socially, and spiritually this past year. The teachers at Grace are so positive, encouraging, and supportive. They have really worked hard to help Nathan right where he is and he is so proud to share everything he is learning. We love the focus on character training and God's Word that Grace provides. Nathan could not have had a better VPK eperience!

Larry and Holley Manning

Our family has two Grace VPK graduates in our family, Landon (class of 2012-2013) and Dawson (class of 2016-2017). Both of our sons obtained the highest lecvel of education in a fun, hands-on environment. ALL of the teachers are consistent, caring, and above all else, loved our children for their individual personalities. The level of parent communication is second to none. Joining the Grace VPK family has by far been one of our best educational choices for our boys.

The Hager Household

Our daughter, Emilee, has had a wonderful, fun-filled year at Grace VPK. She has made friends and advanced socially as well as leaps and bounds educationally. I'm continuously surprised at the new things she has learned that she comes home and shares. We have loved all her caregivers and enjoyed all her fun art projects and hearing her sing all the new songs they practice every week. Thank you all so much for a fabulous year!!!

Celeste and Jason Webb

An update from a Parent of a Graduate, Class of 2015-2016:

Max is doing AWESOME in Kindergarten, all 100%'s and smiley faces, and high testing scores, plus great behavior every single day. I give credit COMPLETELY to Grace VPK for preparing him for his future. You all did such a wonderful job! I am so proud of my boy and so Thankful and Blessed that he was able to be part of the best VPK program out there!

Jennifer Dash

From 2015 - 2016:

My son has attended Grace VPK for 2 years now. I cannot begin to explain how amazing this school is and how much of an impact they have had in his love for learning. Everyone who works there has an amazing love for every child and truly treats them as you would your own. They teach them not only letters, numbers, words, social skills, science, art to the hightest degree, but also teach them about God and the love He has for them and how they should love Him. It has been the biggest blessing in his life to have had these teachers. They are all patient and kind. I would recommend this school to anyone who would like the best VPK program but also would like character and moral teaching! Hands down the best school and I wish they had kindergarten!

Lindsay Milton

Grace VPK was the BEST decision I could have made for my little Max. I was very concerned that he would not cooperate in a school environment, and the teachers there were able to draw him out of his shell and get him involved in activities, all with love and patience. Even if Max would tell me he "got in trouble" and maybe had to sit out for a minute, the teacher would ALWAYS say he had a GREAT day. They are so good at disciplining and teaching with the same love and care that you would use as a parent. They treat your child as if they were their own, and this is so hard to find anywhere! Max learned SO much, and especially a VERY strong basis for his growing Faith in the Lord. He sings constantly, songs about Jesus...he tells me bible stories, he prays, (even over his snacks) and his disposition has become a lot sweeter and easy going since attending Grace VPK. I cannot give enough praise for the staff and assistants there. I feel they have given my boy a great head start for Kindergarten, and I only wish they taught through 12th grade, cause I'd never take him out of that school! Mrs. Webb, the director, is wonderful. They do so many fun and educational activities with the children, and the best thing is, they let them be individuals as well. So many times, Max would not want to do something, and if he felt strongly enough and was upset, they would just give him a different activity. The result is, he LOVES school and can't wait for Kindergarten! I only hope he is lucky and will get a good teacher in Kindergarten (at Madison Street), that will be as kind, loving, nuturing, and patient as his teachers at Grace have been. I would recommend this preschool program as the BEST in Ocala.

Jennifer Dash

"We have been so lucky to be a part of this wonderful school. My daughter was loved so well by her teacher and all the other teachers and assistants. She grew in her knowledge in many areas and there wasn't a day that she wanted to miss! We love this school!!!"

Greta Owens

My son came to Grace after having a less than pleasant experience in another VPK program. Everyone at Grace welcomed him with open arms and love. The teachers accepted him for who he was and where he was academically. They worked on academics as well as social skills. I even had to reference my bible a couple times when he shared bible stories he had learned. Knowing that all programs are not created equal makes us that much more appreciative and blessed to be apart of the Grace family!

Ellen Young

"Grace Episcopal VPK has been a truly enriching environment for our child. Teachers and staff have provided a foundation of love, education and faith and our child is now entering Kindergarten well prepared with confidence. We are so grateful."

"Our child has a late summer birthday and we weren't sure if she would even be ready for Kindergarten, but now there is no question. Grace VPK has such highly qualified teachers with phenomenal curriculum and activities, that she is now well prepared for Kindergarten. This school has been such a blessing I wish she could stay another year."

Andrea Owen

From 2014 - 2015:

Grace Episcopal's VPK is a little slice of heaven. The teachers and staff are angels! Prior to attending VPK, I was concerned about my son's behavior and learning comprehension. My fears were absolved within a few weeks. There are no red cards, naughty notebooks or treasure boxes. Instead there is respect, high expectations, prayer, fun, love and more respect. I am a seasoned teacher and I have to say Grace's VPK is something special. It should be a model program for all VPK's and elementary classrooms! The decision to move Nate to Grace is the single best decision I have made for his education.


Cori Penuel

Teacher, Marion County Public Schools

Grace VPK is the best preschool in Ocala! My other two children attended different preschools and Grace by far, was the most loving, warm environment. My child started out not knowing many letters or numbers in the Fall. It is now the end of the year and he kno0ws all his letters, numbers, can write his name AND sings about Jesus and recites bible verses. If you are looking for a school where your child will be ready for Kindergarten and LOVE going to school every day, this is the place for your child.

Jennifer Moberg

Teacher, Shady Hill Elementary

From 2013 - 2014:

I would love to express our sincere appreciation to Grace Episcopal VPK and the wonderful teachers and staff. This year I have seen our son Braydon grow and mature physically, socially, academically and spiritually. I love the small intimate setting that this school provides and it truly feels like a family. It is such a well-rounded program. Being a full time working parent we have also appreciated the after care program which is not found in many VPK programs. Thank you Grace for the experiences and opportunities you have provided our child.

Jessica Collins, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Marion County Schools

This year has been amazing for Adeline! We have been so blessed by Grace VPK. The school is truly a ministry. Adeline has learned so much about God's beautiful world this year. She has shared many delightful things with us that she experienced at this school while learning the fundamentals for her education. Thanks to Grace, she believes school is a wonderful place!

The Chevalier Family

Layla has grown so much and is more than ready for kindergarten. We are so thankful for this program and so glad we got to be a part of it. Thanks for an unforgettable year!

Jodi and Danny Garcia

Grace is truly an amazing pre-school. We as parents have felt comfortable from day one. Jasmine has grown and blossomed so much. Every single member of the team is outstanding. We are sad we have to move on but feel so blessed that she was able to attend Grace. Thank you so much!

The Fabry Family

The Grace Family has done so much for our family! Ryan truly loved his time there and its easy to understand why. The caring, nurturing atmosphere made it easy to trust and know that Ryan was in great hands. We can't thank you enough. In a few years we will most definitely be back with Matthew.

The Cushenberys

We are fortunate to have found Grace Episcopal Learning Center & VPK! The teachers have the grace of God and kindly, with tenderness make a positive impact on the lives of children. My children were priviliged to receive this blessing. Thank you so much for giving so much love to Cesar this year and Alejandra last year. We love you and will always keep Grace VPK in our hearts and prayers.

The Perez Family

From 2012 - 2013:

As a full time working mom, the most pivotal decision for my daughter was choosing the best start for her, outside of being with family. This decision did not come easy in the beginning. Many friends offered suggestions, FB scores of the who's who, and which school will prepare your child best for their continuing education. Overwhelming!

Our family finally narrowed down our choices and there was that "gut" feeling that Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center was THE perfect fit for her and our family.

Needless to say, we could not have selected a better school for her . . . truly blessed beyond words to be more precise. Every poignant aspect of the school comes down to what's inside that quaint building: the passion and expertise of the teachers (Mrs. Regnier, Ms. Moore, Mrs. Webb, Mrs. Cunjie, Mrs. Kent, and Mrs. McGinley), the laughter and smiles, the excitment of "Mommy, I have a new project", the education and creative knowledge, the love and nurture for the students, the Bible Buckaroos, the Shutterfly site of the exciting things they do so we don't miss a minute, and the other children and their families. All of these pieces are what truly make it a remarkable school.

I would be remiss not to say to any parent going through that first time, difficult decision-making-process of which school will have the greatest impact on your child ... don't waste your time -- perfection is at Grace Episcopal!

My one regret -- not having purchased a large enough bin to put all her memories in!

With greatest admiration and gratitude,

Haley Creasey, RN, BAS-HCM

Director, Oncology/General Surgery Service Line

Ocala Health

"It was a difficult decision, and I was a bit apprehensive, moving Tess to a new school, after being at another for 2 years prior to her VPK year. Needless to say, it turned out to be a wonderful experience that I will never regret. Her year at Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center was filled daily with joy, love, and spiritual and academic growth. The entire staff is amazing, from their background and knowledge in education, to the way they incorporate faith, values, and morals into all that they do. The school is also very accommodating for working parents, offering flexible, extended hours of child care, not often found at other VPK programs. Overall, Tess was blessed with a memorable VPK year, one that will she will carry with her for years to come."

Lauren Anderson

"As an educator, the choice to place my child in Grace Episcopal for VPK was clear. A Marion County Golden Apple recipient plans amazing lessons and teaches my daughter. I know that my child is ready for Kindergarten! I am so grateful for all the wonderful teachers at Grace."

Shanda Nikolajski

ESE & Environmental Science Teacher

Marion Technical Institute

"I thank the Grace VPK teachers for the education, discipline, fun and love provided Aubrey. She has truly excelled under their care and direction. I can think of no better preparation she could have received than with them all at Grace Episcopal VPK. We were blessed to have had them in Aubrey's life."

Meredith & Jim Ashley

"The days have gone quickly and the year has passed, but all of you at Grace VPK have turned precious moments into beautiful memories for Ryan and me. I'm truly thankful for the time you've spent educating him and caring for him, and I know he will carry these blessings in his heart always. We leave Grace VPK, excited to be moving on, but sad to leave behind such thoughtful women of the Lord. You have a God-given gift for working with children. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Weavers

"I am so thankful to the Lord for guiding my steps that day in April of last year - He led me straight to YOU! We had prayed so much for the perfect school for Camille. This was her first experience and first time away from us (as you probably remember all the tears).

We have so much to be grateful for because of each of you. You each played such an important part in her life - as well as all the other kids! I am amazed at how you all gave each of them the attention they needed according to their own individual needs. Wow! You are the BEST VPK teachers in the WORLD!

I know she will never forget this year and definitely never forget each of you. She mentions each of your names quite often, and always with love and respect. Thank you for teaching our sweet little girl so much - even when you didn't realize you were 'teaching' her.

Everything about this school was perfect for Camille, but the teachers are what brought the life and fun. And having teachers who follow Jesus was so important and indeed a blessing. We will miss you but we will visit and wave from across the street!

Jill Putty


Kimberly Reed wrote: "I am so proud of Emma's progress so far and am very thankful that she is part of this amazing program!"

Marjorie Ginder wrote: ". . . an amazing group of educators."

Jennifer O'Neal wrote: "We can't thank all of you at Grace Episcopal VPK enough for all that you have done for Audrey this year- she has loved every moment, and we've loved watching her grow into a kindergartener! We will truly miss all of you."

Heather Richards wrote: "All of you ladies have been amazing! Our family considers it a blessing to have been a part of "the best VPK" in Ocala for 2 years! We are looking forward to our 3rd (and last) year there in the fall! Just know, I WILL be crying at the the "bootin'-out" ceremony next year. Because it will be my "baby" and I will be sad to not be with you amazing women! We are looking forward to our next "season" at Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center in the fall. Hope you enjoy our sweet Noah as much as you have enjoyed his big brothers!"

Meredith Ashley wrote: "What a fantastic experience Grace was for our family. We are so grateful for the love and guidance you provided for Aubrey. We are sad to leave but we will always remember all of you with great fondness."

Ebony Molock commented: "This is by far the best VPK in Ocala/Marion County!! Your child will fall in love with the staff and learning opportunities!"

Melissa Hager wrote: "Got Landon's end of year results from VPK and we are very proud of all of the valuable academics he has learned. We are thankful for all of his teachers from the very beginning of his preschool experience through VPK at Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center. Thank you all for loving and teaching our little man!"

From 2011 - 2012:

"My son, Tyler, had recently turned 4 and had never been cared for by anyone other than family when we signed him up for Grace Early Learning Center's VPK. One visit to the center and I knew that's where I wanted my son to go. We felt welcomed and they immediately made Tyler feel comfortable on our first visit.

At the beginning of the school year, Tyler was shy and quiet, but as the year went on I began to see a change in him. His confidence level blossomed, he loved talking about school and he was learning SO many new things. I was amazed and am always so proud of him and the boy he's becoming. He is more than ready for kindergarten!

While at Grace, Tyler also discovered a new found love and appreciation for God through Grace's Bible Buckaroo program. My 4-year-old was telling ME stories about Jonah and the Whale and Noah.

The teachers, assistants and staff at Grace are WONDERFUL! I wish Tyler could continue to be a student there. No doubt I will eventually send his younger brothers as well. I honestly can't say enough good things about Grace Early Learning Center/VPK. I feel like we've gained a family there. I can tell the teachers and staff truly care for their students and that means the world to me as a worrisome mom. If you're looking for a VPK provider for your little one, stop looking. You won't find a better one than Grace!"

Karin Fabry-Cushenbery

Executive Editor, Style magazines

Dear Mrs. Webb,

I want to thank you and your team for an amazing year of VPK with my daughter Addison. I'm amazed at how much she has grown and developed, not just academically but also spiritually, under the leadership of Ms. Moore and the teachers at Grace this past year. I am sad to see her leave you all but know you have done everything possible to prepare her for her next journey at Madison Street. Thank you again for all you've done. Our family is truly blessed to have found Grace Episcopal's VPK program.


Ryan Gerds, APR

Public Information Officer

Munroe Regional Medical Center

"I love Grace Episcopal VPK! If I could I would turn back time so that Gianna could be at Grace another year. She has learned so much. She has grown both academically and socially. The teachers are blessings. It may seem I am overdoing it, but in fact, I am at a loss to express my gratitude, my surprise, my elation, my thanks. Thank you Grace teachers, mentors, allies. Thank you for teaching Gianna and me. If you are thinking about enrolling your child at Grace, please do it. Your child will love it and so will you."

Mishel Fuentes-Williams

"Thank you for being so amazing! Your love for our children and kind hearts are touching. We were so grateful and thankful for being a part of Grace Episcopal VPK! See you soon with Drayke. Make sure he is on that list right away!"

Team Noon

Jessica, Kevin, Corbyn & Drayke

"I cannot tell you how thankful I am that we chose Grace VPK for Collin!"

Leslie Goolsby

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Maeleigh has told me so many things she is learning at school! I am SO thankful that she goes to school there! Looking forward to a wonderful year!"

Angela Pace Rohrs

"We thank God for Grace VPK and we are so blessed to have had ya'll teach Grayson this year! He has grown up and has learned so much!"

Nancy Hermann

"Just wanted to express how thankful we are that Claire was a part of Grace VPK! You direct a wonderful program and have the most amazing teachers! We will forever keep everyone in our hearts. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have been a part of the Grace Episcopal VPK family this year. Every child/family who has and will be a part of Grace is blessed!"

The Mowry's

From 2010 - 2011:

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end. On the last day of a great year I wanted to thank the teachers at Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center for loving my child, teaching my child, and installing confidence and a love for learning in my child. This is truly a special place and you all will be missed. For any parent considering Grace VPK for their child, you will not be disappointed!"

Ashlie Gray

"We can't begin to express how thrilled we have been with our daughter Caroline's inclusion in the VPK program at Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center. Over the course of this school year she has grown tremendously in all ways - in her academic skill acquistion, in her social and interpersonal skills, and in her spiritual awareness and desire to care about others. Under the enthusiastic guidance of Ms. Moore and Mrs. Kent - along with the tremendous leadership provided by Mrs. Webb - Caroline and her fellow "buckaroos" learn, laugh, play, and grow on a daily basis. We never grow tired of hearing about the important school readiness skills they are linked to. The classroom environment is inviting, engaging, and constantly child-friendly - always filled to the brim with class displays and activities to get the kids exploring, asking questions, and discovering the answers. Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center has been pivotal in preparing Caroline to be a successful Kindergarten student, and the beauty of it all has been being a witness to her contagious enthusiasm for learning within this faith-based educational environment. We are truly blessed to have been a part of Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center's very first VPK class!"

Dale and Kristen Cook

"At first, I was not going to send my daughter, Grace, to VPK at all and instead keep her home for another year. Then a friend told me about Grace Episcopal VPK and I decided to check it out. I am very glad we changed our mind! I just love this program! I am so pleased with how well she has done this year! It is a great environment, full of love and support which was my number one priority. The teachers are so positive and cheerful and make it such a nice classroom. I am so thankful to have found such a great place to give my daughter the head start she needed to prepare for kindergarten. Ms. Moore, Mrs. Kent, and Mrs. Webb are the sweetest kindest, genuine ladies around! They made Grace feel at home and yearning to come back even though she was very unsure about starting school. She has learned so much and Ms. Moore finds very creative and hands on ways to teach them without them knowing they are really working! I would recommend anyone and everyone to send their Pre-K student to this great place!!"

Esther Pagh

"Words truly cannot express how fabulous this program is!!! Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center was a true miracle for us. We have enjoyed watching our child grow and learn under the loving care of Ms. Moore, Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Webb. We are thrilled with the loving, Christian atmosphere of this school. You truly teach the whole child and we are grateful for every second they get to spend at your school!"

The Campbell Family

"Grace Episcopal Earl Learning Center is an absolute blessing to be a part of. We are so amazed at the things our son has learned. Ms. Moore, Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Webb are ALL wonderful, amazing, patient, kind, warm, loving and energetic women. They are so excited to see the kids everyday. And more importantly, they are so excited to teach them new things everyday. Our son LOVES going to school. We have truly been blessed to be a part of Grace Episcopal Early Learning Center this year. Thank you SO MUCH Ms. Moore, Mrs. Kent and Mrs. Webb for making our son's first year at school such an amazing and unforgettable one! And for all that you ALL do for all of the kids."

The Richards Family

P. S. "I can't wait for my other 2 boys to get to come there."


"What an excellent program! I would highly recommend it to any one who has an upcoming 4 year old in Marion County."

Roxanne Zaharias

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