Our stories


    The story of their family's experience at grace church.

    As members of Grace Church for more than 5 years, we attend because we feel a sense of family as members of the congregation. On a Sunday morning from the parking lot - to the sanctuary doors - smiles are exchanged, there are greetings of "Good Morning, and handshakes and hugs are commonplace. Grace Church is a wonderful example of the body of Christ. Our church body ranges from babies to "golden year members” in their 80's and better. As a member in this body of Christ, my family and I seek to have a more intimate relationship with our Heavenly Father. At Grace Church, we feel His presence and love. Lastly, my kids would want to add that coffee hour has yummy treats and that is an added bonus! Blessings from our family to you and yours and we hope to see you at service.

  • Greenburg Family

    a story from a family of Grace School of the Arts

    It’s hard to find the words to describe the instructors at Grace School of the Arts. Together they make a magical team. Their love for music and Jesus has been contagious for my children and entire family. As the saying goes, "Most things are caught not taught" lucky for us it happens to be both!

    Each one of these teachers have impressed me with their devotion to our children’s musical and spiritual growth on multiple levels. As a follower of Jesus, what makes it even better is the love for God that each of these teachers have displayed. We have witnessed it exemplified through their actions, words and attitudes. Their love for music has captivated my children. Together the staff has amazed us, and I have them pegged as our local music “dream team”.  My kids have learned so much in regards to music theory and playing their instruments. They anticipate their lessons every week. In truth, these lessons are giving them something that holds no price tag. Our prayer for our kids is that they use their learned musical abilities to bring glory to God! We are so grateful for Grace School of the Arts and the Dream Team of Musical Instructors.

  • gary simons

    a story on how grace impacts his life.

    I have enjoyed attending Grace Church.  Fr. Jonathan is an excellent preacher.   He has a gift for making the scriptures relevant to our lives week after week.

  • Meagan miles

    a story on how grace impacts her life

    I grew up thinking that most Christians were hateful and judgmental people based on what I saw on the news and social media. I thought that you had to be “perfect” to be a Christian, so I knew that church was not the place for me. During the times that I did go to church with friends, I always felt kind of judged and definitely not accepted. I didn't understand who Jesus is - I just felt like they wanted me to conform, change who I am, and obey in order to be loved by God.

    All of that changed when I found Grace. From the second that I stepped through Grace’s doors, I felt nothing but love and acceptance. It was a brand new world for me – and it completely changed my life. The people here are so loving, forgiving and are clearly devout disciples. I joined the worship team here and it was, has been and STILL is, a truly remarkable spiritual journey. For anyone who has questions about God and what it means to be a Christian, if you're looking for a place to belong or a church that will accept you and love you for YOU, this is the place to be.



    Grace is my sanctuary and my refuge.  God's presence is there through scripture, song and his people.  Whether by attending Sunday's service or the Midweek Healing Service, I am refreshed, renewed, encouraged and strengthened and know that God is working out his plan for me.