Children's church

Welcome to Children's Church!
We look forward to having your child ages 4-9 come play with us! What may seem like small or distant memories to us as adults now (like that really mean kid in class, other children shunning you from play, doing badly on a spelling test), these are daily life events for our children.  It's critical that they learn how their faith can help them deal with those events and help them become strong young people.  In Children's Church your child will learn how to recognize and appreciate God in everyday life, deal with the challenges that come his or her way, and through their actions show others how Christ would have us live. We love to learn through play, and are active every Sunday.  Whether it's an obstacle course, acting out stories, or 'hunting the sheep', we take the weekly readings and translate them into fun activities that match your child's ability to understand.  Our goal is to make sure that you and your child receive the same message, whether from the pulpit or in our room, so that you can fully explore those teachable moments that happen during the rest of the week. We also make sure your child has a small healthy snack and a restroom opportunity just before we come into the Sanctuary at the Passing of the Peace - we want the children to be ready to enjoy family time together in Church!
We look forward to seeing you - In Christ's Peace - Buff, Children's Ministry Coordinator.